Finding Your Natural Order

What is my natural order? I like to use the term natural order to describe your personal uncorrupted state. Imagine the musculature of your body as a symphony of connections. When everything is working in balance together, it can make beautiful harmonious movement. Unfortunately, we pretty much all have at least one instrument or section that is out of tune or even playing something else completely. To make things worse, depending on how long we’ve been out of tune, our ‘ears’ are so far off we can’t even hear it. This causes us to move out of balance and eventually injure our weakest link. Getting closer to our natural order assists us with finding more natural movement, uncorrupted movement where our whole body is able to harmoniously assists with an action and move with ease and strength.

Just like trees, we all grow in our unique ways as a response to internal and external forces, mainly our health and environment. Habitual patterns are generally formed through imbalances. They can be from a wide verity of different reasons including weakness and pushing ourselves to extremes or other internal or outside factors from conception or later. These patterns may have felt good or could have even been necessary at the time but are no longer optimally serving us now or in the long term, as they pull us away from our more natural order. For those of us who have early diversions, this can be even more challenging but may not be entirely impossible to improve. 

Natural order is not something that is necessarily fully attainable, but more of a direction to work towards. Finding and following the core connections of our body is a means of using our own internal string to guide us back to our more natural order and movement. To do this it is very important to recognize and honor our current limits and work from there. Looking for these core connections and staying within our true limits, allows us to move from a place of integrity, where new strength and freedom can be found.

* Information posted is opinion and should not be construed as an attempt to offer medical advice or treatment. If you have any kind of medical condition, consult your medical practitioner. Making any decisions or acting upon any information posted is at your own risk.