Marinaccio Technique

What is Marinaccio Technique?

The Marinaccio Technique was developed by Gene Marinaccio, a brilliant dancer, choreographer and teacher who formed American Concert Ballet in 1962.  American Concert Ballet was the first contemporary ballet company in Los Angeles, and was active for over 20 years.  It's works were both groundbreaking and controversial at the time.

From the very beginning as a dancer, Gene absorbed everything his teachers had to give and formulated his own technique.  Gene went against traditional ballet styles, and used his fundamental technique based on connections within the body to evolve his dancing to a world-class level.

This revolutionary technique could be applied not just to ballet, but to all types of dance.  Later within his company, Gene was able to quickly train students, including those with atypical and difficult bodies, to dance masterfully in his company's challenging choreography.

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For Everyone

Until his retirement in 2012, Gene Marinaccio continued to passionately teach his technique to young and old dancers and non-dancers alike. Gene believed everyone was capable of understanding, incorporating and benefiting from the usage of connections within the body.

Celia Green was a dedicated student of Gene Marinaccio's for over a decade, and with his full support is carrying on his teachings.  Core Integrations offers private and group Marinaccio Technique classes in-studio and on zoom.