Guided Movement

What is Guided movement?

Guided Movement lessons are Mind Body Studies (MBS), a set of easy and simple movement-thought exercises anyone can do, which guides your through toward expansion of choices and ease of movement and thought.

Based in cutting edge neuroscientific and physiological research, these awareness through movement exercises leverage the loop of brain, body and internal thought process. It looks a bit like subtle yoga with awareness and mindfulness rolled into one, gently guiding you with verbal instruction or hand queues, to discover and apply your optimal potential.

The techniques and tools you acquire transform habitual patterns so you can achieve your personal and professional goals. Progress is immediate and continues to expand through a huge array of movement configurations, which anyone can do. MBS is also explained as a language of communication between brain and behavior, empowering individuals to regain self-mastery of both physical and mental states.



What is Mind Body Studies?

Mind Body Studies (MBS) is the method taught by MBS Academy.  MBS Academy has been recognized for four decades as a leader in developing, documenting, updating, and qualifying world class practitioners in the original teachings of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais.

Leora Gaster and Mia Segal created their Mind Body Studies (MBS) Academy in 1987 to pursue their promise to Moshe Feldenkrais to carry forward the full scope of their work with him to new generations of practitioners and to the public. Mia Segal and Leora Gaster had the most direct, extensive, and intensive trainings and experiences with Moshe, exploring all aspects and influences of their work and life together over 25 years. Mia Segal and Leora Gaster have the distinction of being fully qualified as Professional Trainers and Practitioners by Moshe Feldenkrais himself. The MBS Team builds on this heritage of Feldenkrais work and strives to achieve the goal Moshe didn’t have time to reach himself: how to refine the work so that people are better able to take what they learn in a lesson out into their lives.

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For Everyone

Movement lessons can benefit anyone, at any age and in any condition: from world class performers and athletes, to people with difficult challenges.

Celia Green is a certified MBS Practitioner.  Core Integrations offers private and group guided movement lessons in-studio and on zoom.