Welcome to Core Integrations.


I have always had a profound love of movement and the body.  Exploring movement for over 45 years, I have studied gymnastics, figure skating, swimming, classical and contemporary ballet, modern dance, snowboarding, Iyengar yoga, personal training, Feldenkrais, TBFM, and the GYROTONIC® Method. 


Throughout all these individual disciplines, I have always been fascinated by the core connections within the body and how to move through them.  With the direction of many great teachers including Gene Marinaccio, Johnny Seitz, Eileen Bach-y-Rita, Mia Segal, Leora Gaster, Eckhart Tolle and Jill Denison, as well as my own personal explorations, l was able to deepen my knowledge and gain the insight to rehabilitate myself from several devastating debilitations and dance again with new depth and grace.  It is now my privilege and passion to assist others in their explorations. 


I'm very grateful to be here, and hope to see you soon!


♥ - ( e l í a